Monday, March 10, 2008

New song: Untitled

I have started to work on my next album. "Untitled" (I may name it later) will be the first song and is available for your listening pleasure on the Bjukebox. Most of this song came to me at work (of all places) and I recorded most of the tracks within the same day when I got home. It's about leaving behind the place you are at and starting a journey full of unknowns. That is sort of the concept I am aiming for, anyway.

Speaking of starting a journey, I have been trying to gather feedback on what direction others feel I should go based on what they heard from me before. There is a survey on the right-hand side of the page to you an opportunity to speak your mind. Of course, I may totally ignore what you have to say. We'll see :)

First taste of IE8

Has any one tried out the IE8 beta? I was eager to try the Acid2 test since I have a couple of friends that have slaved away on ensuring it will pass. After installing and restarting Windows, IE now instantly greets me with this:

I will see if IE8 passes Acid2 after it passes the Don't Crash The Instant It's Opened (tm) test.